Snap Boogie

Cjaiilon Andrade, a native of Boston, Massachusetts has been described as a “BEAST” on the dance floor, with a career that started by performing in the streets to his impressive national debut in the summer of 2011 on NBC’s America’s Got Talent Season 6 where he blew the minds of the audience and judges with his incredible high energy take no prisoners style.

The name “Snap Boogie” was given to him by his late uncle–a former break dancer who passed the torch to his talented nephew. Now Snap Boogie plans to continue building a legacy of entertaining people with his break dancing and irresistible charisma!!​

Heartbeet Chime Choir

Heartbeet Lifesharing is a Camphill Community in Hardwick, VT. Heartbeet is an intentional community where adults with different levels of abilities live and work together.

The Heartbeet Chime Choir was formed in December 2013. With 8-10 members, they have performed for different audiences like the Craftsbury Academy, Craftsbury Community Care Center, Greensboro United Church, Camphill Triform in upstate NY, and most recently, at the St. George Ballroom, NYC.

Members are: Ann Blanchard, Annie Jackson, April Bond, Brittany Garafola, Connor Henesy, Eva Griffin, Jared Shaffer, Jeniah Johnson, Lelia Volmer, Sequoya Cheyenne, Suzannah Dickinson. Onat Sanchez directs.

Hilby the Skinny German Juggle Boy

Michael Hilbig, aka, Hilby the Skinny German Juggle boy is a comedic circus stunt performer from Ithaca, NY. Hilby is originally from Germany but has spent almost as much time in the US.
The New York Times calls Hilby, “rivetingly absurd.” Operating on the fair circuit, theaters, festivals, colleges, conventions, and cruise ships all around the world Hilby performs his highly professional and excruciatingly funny acts for young and old alike.

Spring Bus-in School Show

This spring we are proud to host elementary students from Albany, Greensboro & Troy schools at our special Bus-in School Show.

This event is made possible by generous donations from:

Browns Custom Meat Processing in Glover
Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro
& Willey’s Store in Greensboro