Combining acrobatics, physical comedy and inventive choreography, Galumpha brings to life a world of imagination, beauty, muscle and merriment. The three performers create a sensory feast of images consistently bringing audiences to their feet. Galumpha is a triumphant mix of art and entertainment, offering award-winning choreography (Edinburgh Festival Critics’ Choice Award, Moers International Comedy Arts Prize) that is equally at home on the concert stage, at a comedy club or at an outdoor festival. Distinctive for ingenuity, highlights include “Velcro” as seen on The Late Show with David Letterman, and “Clackers,” seen on MTV, Showtime, A & E, Just for Laughs in Montreal, and by over one billion television viewers around the globe, and pieces featuring experiments in human architecture set to music by Rachmaninov, Ayurveda and the virtuoso Czech band Jablkon.

Derek Derek

Derek McAlister is an acrobat clown from Denver, Colorado.  He has performed for the past 15 years all over Europe, Thailand, Australia and the US. He studied with clown masters: Giovanni Fusetti, Aitor Basauri, Fraser Hooper, Barnaby King, Leeroy Hart, and The Red Bastard.

Snap Boogie

Cjaiilon Andrade, a native of Boston, Massachusetts has been described as a “BEAST” on the dance floor, with a career that started by performing in the streets to his impressive national debut in the summer of 2011 on NBC’s America’s Got Talent Season 6 where he blew the minds of the audience and judges with his incredible high energy take no prisoners style.

The name “Snap Boogie” was given to him by his late uncle–a former break dancer who passed the torch to his talented nephew. Now Snap Boogie plans to continue building a legacy of entertaining people with his break dancing and irresistible charisma!!​