Frank and Sophia Barsalow

barsalowsFrank and Sophia Barsalow enjoy filling quiet spaces with sweet music. Usually found performing in their living room for each other, they welcome this opportunity to perform as part of Vermont Vaudeville for their community. Frank, the former bassist and vocalist for North Seven, now enjoys playing the guitar and singing; meanwhile, his wife Sophia, fulfills her long time dream as back up vocalist and tambourine player.

Shanty Town (assisted by Penelope Hillfrau)

shantyNine days after receiving his B.S. in Physics, Shanty Town departed the real world, joined the circus, and for the next 6 years traveled 31 countries in Europe and Asia with a six foot tall bicycle as the primary means of transportation and with pay checks in the form of a hat on the ground. From refugee camps in Denmark to underground bars in Berlin, bombed out cities in Bosnia to Italian markets, he has brought wonder and excitement to very diverse audiences. And he learned a couple tricks…

Waldo & Woodhead

waldo and woodheadThese “masters of mayhem” have been performing their one of a kind antics in theatres and festivals around the world for over twenty years. Their show has been broadcast on television in the U.S., Canada, France, Japan, Chile, Switzerland, and throughout the Middle East. Waldo & Woodhead have appeared together in seven feature films, and star in four family videos. After seeing their show, the legendary Gregory Hines claimed, “Waldo & Woodhead are the funniest and most original act I’ve ever seen.”