Heartbeet Chime Choir

Heartbeet Lifesharing is a Camphill Community in Hardwick, VT. Heartbeet is an intentional community where adults with different levels of abilities live and work together.

The Heartbeet Chime Choir was formed in December 2013. With 8-10 members, they have performed for different audiences like the Craftsbury Academy, Craftsbury Community Care Center, Greensboro United Church, Camphill Triform in upstate NY, and most recently, at the St. George Ballroom, NYC.

Members are: Ann Blanchard, Annie Jackson, April Bond, Brittany Garafola, Connor Henesy, Eva Griffin, Jared Shaffer, Jeniah Johnson, Lelia Volmer, Sequoya Cheyenne, Suzannah Dickinson. Onat Sanchez directs.


Hilby the Skinny German Juggle Boy

Michael Hilbig, aka, Hilby the Skinny German Juggle boy is a comedic circus stunt performer from Ithaca, NY. Hilby is originally from Germany but has spent almost as much time in the US.
The New York Times calls Hilby, “rivetingly absurd.” Operating on the fair circuit, theaters, festivals, colleges, conventions, and cruise ships all around the world Hilby performs his highly professional and excruciatingly funny acts for young and old alike. www.hilby.net

Thom Wall

Vaudeville sensation, Thom Wall, is an award-winning juggler and performer based in Brattleboro, Vermont. He has toured the world with his performances and has shared the stage with the Rockettes at the Radio City Music Hall, emceed at Lincoln Center, and juggled for thousands in Cirque du Soleil’s blue and gold circus tent. http://thomwall.com/

Olivia Weinstein

Olivia_SOL1221Raised in San Francisco, California, Olivia Weinstein tripped and fell into clowning during a tumbling class at AcroSports when she was only four years old. Olivia spent the next 14 years doing gymnastics, dance, and circus.

Graduated from the National Circus School of Montreal as a clown and acrobat. Olivia has since travelled the world performing with companies such as Cirque Du Soleil, Midnight Circus, Apartement 11, and The Radiant. www.olivialweinstein.com

Hilary Chaplain

hilaryHilary Chaplain tours internationally with her solo show A LIFE IN HER DAY, directed by Avner Eisenberg.   Awards include Arlekin Solo Puppet Festival (Grand Prize), the XXI International Festival “Valise” (Acting Award) both in Poland, and in Havana, Cuba at Aquelarre 2006 (three Awards including the Grand Prize).  Hilary has performed in variety shows worldwide with her short comic numbers, most recently at the Palazzo Colombino Freiburg and the Kristallpalast Varieté, both in Germany. Hilary was an original cast member in Bill Irwin’s Largely/New York and appeared on Broadway and at the Delacorte Theatre in the Public Theatre production of The Tempest  directed by George C. Wolfe. She played a featured role in Forrest Gump, and a lawyer on Law and Order Criminal Intent. Hilary has been entertaining children in NYC hospitals as “Nurse Nice” of the renowned Big Apple Circus Hospital Clown Program® (since 1987) and is a founding member of the New York Goofs, a clown ensemble. www.hilarychaplain.com

Jacob Sharpe

jacobsharpeOne of the world’s premiere juggling artists, Jacob has been training like a maniac for 15 years now. Juggling up to 8 balls, spinning as many 4 diabolos, flipping as many as 1 times over as much as 1 small child, Jacob keeps audiences spellbound with his intricate tricks and easygoing charm. After graduating from MIT in 2011 with a physics degree, he’s traveled around the world forgetting his education, performing for a year in Berlin, touring with a circus in Switzerland for 10 months, and learning and collaborating with the world’s greatest jugglers. As a Smirkus alum, he’s excited to bring something special back to Vermont!

Greg Jukes

Greg JukesGreg Jukes is a narrator and percussionist whose work focuses on blending music, acting, and dance in hybrid arts performances. Greg has performed across the country with his hybrid arts ensemble, The Fourth Wall and has been a part of large-scale performances around Boston as a member of Kadence Arts. www.TheFourthWallEnsemble.com

Eric Bates

ericbatesEric specializes in Russian Bar and Cigar Box Juggling, a discipline in which he is considered to be one of the best in the world. He has worked on numerous shows with les 7 doigts de la main including their new touring show, Sequence 8. Eric graduated in 2011 from the prestigious National Circus School of Quebec. Eric Bates grew up in Fayston, Vermont and toured with Vermont’s Circus Smirkus in his youth. www.ericbates.com

Jonathan Burns

jonathanburns2Jonathan Burns always thought he was special. He was the kind of kid who would put his leg over his head at the family reunion or perform musical armpit farts to impress the girls. In 2004, contorting his body and impressing people with his unusual talents became his full-time job. Since then he has performed at over 300 colleges & universities, at festivals and theaters in 9 countries, and was recently featured on the Jay Leno Show & the Late Show with David Letterman. When he’s not performing he can usually be found in an airport terminal or spending time with his lovely wife & daughter (I guess the armpit farts worked!). http://www.flexiblecomedy.com

Nigel Blackstorm

biopic_nigelThe Heavy Metal Magician, born Gareth Blackthunder, was raised in a small town in the south of England. As a youth he focused on his two passions: heavy metal and magic. When he turned 16 he changed his name to Nigel Blackstorm because he argued that his given name didn’t sound “heavy” enough.
As is the case with us all, Nigel grew to adulthood and was confronted with choosing his career path. As his love for metal and magic had only grown over time, and since he had no desire to wear a suit, Nigel decided to devote his life to both his arts, founding the magical heavy metal cover band, Lordz of Illuzzion, in 1991. The band toured the world with their unique approach to music and released three albums that garnered minor attention.
In 1998, following a sold out performance at the world famous Orange County Fair, the other three Lordz abruptly quit the band. Nigel was devastated by this surprising and untimely break-up. Driven by rage and passion and channeling the spirits of Houdini and Ozzy Osbourne, he put the pieces of his life back together and thus emerged The Heavy Metal Magician. With the skills of an alchemist, Nigel blended heavy metal music and the world of magic, creating the unique genre: “heavy magic.” Be prepared to have your mind blown, and ladies: please control yourselves. theconjurorofcomedy.com