Rose Friedman

roseRose Friedman has been working in theater since she was a young child.  She studied at the Moscow Art Theater and New School University. She has worked as a performer and workshop leader with Bread and Puppet Theater for the last 15 years, and is a founding member of Modern Times Theater and Vermont Vaudeville.  She sings traditional American music, and plays the baritone horn and the ukulele.

Justin Lander

leoJustin Lander is a performer, puppeteer, musician, and cheap artist.   He studied performance art, improvisational theater, and neuroscience at Bates College.   He has worked as a full time touring member of the Bread and Puppet Theater.  He is a founding member of Modern Times Theater and Vermont Vaudeville.  He plays the cornet and upright bass, and specializes in novelty instruments such as the slide whistle, the bicycle pump and the human xylophone.

Brent McCoy

trms_circleBrent has performed around the world since 2005. He has appeared numerous International Busking, Fringe, Clown and Vaudeville Festivals as well as Colleges, schools, and special events throughout the US. Brent is a founding member of Vermont Vaudeville.

Maya McCoy

mayaMaya has performed since she was in Kindergarten. She studied theater at The New School in NYC, with Bread and Puppet Theater, and at the Celebration Barn Theater in Maine. She is a juggler, clown and physical comedian. Maya is a founding member of Vermont Vaudeville and is on the Board of Directors for Celebration Barn and The Hardwick Town House.

Geoff Goodhue

Having begun Suzuki violin method at age 5, Geoff transitioned his focus to drumming at age 10 and went on to graduate from Ohio University in 2004 with a B.F.A. in Percussion Performance plus a certificate in Environmental Studies. Now living in Charleston, Vermont, Geoff performs regularly as mandolinist and vocalist in both Granite Junction and Beg, Steal or Borrow. Geoff has appeared on Mountain Stage in Morgantown, West Virginia and at Appleton Wisconsin’s Mile of Music with Composer and Producer, Nick Vandenberg. Geoff’s family outfit, The Goodhues Band, has performed with autoharp legend, Bryan Bowers, and was featured at the 2016 Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering in Newport, PA. As a member of Athens Ohio’s Realbilly Jive, Geoff played drums on an album of J.D. Hutchison’s original songs to be released on Howdy Skies Records in September of 2016 in collaboration with folk, country and bluegrass icon, Tim O’Brien.

Otto Muller

ottoOtto Muller got his start at age 16 playing jazz piano under an assumed name at casinos, bars, restaurants, and mafia Christmas parties in upstate New York. Prior to coming to Vermont Vaudeville, he has worked as an accompanist at Improv Olympic and ComedySports in Chicago and for Rhoda Levine’s courses in improvised opera, and has collaborated with the Titanic Players in Evanston, IL, the Real-Dream Cabaret in Buffalo, NY, Grafted Cede Theatre Company in London. Outside of the vaudeville, Muller is a composer of delicately uncomfortable avant- garde chamber music and a faculty member at Goddard College.

Maura Gahan

Maura Gahan has been combining dance, puppetry, and objects in performance since 2000, with a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography (Ohio University). Gahan joined the Bread and Puppet Theater in 2007, regularly touring Europe, Asia, and North America. In 2008 Gahan collaborated with Peter Schumann to transform the Lubberland National Dance Company into a touring, community-based political dance form. Recently in 2016- Gahan designed puppets and danced in works by: Steve Paxton & Robert Ashley (“Quicksand,” The Kitchen-NYC, Festival L’Autumn-Paris, France), Blackbird Theater & Dance Heginbotham (“Fantasque,” Bard SummerScape, NY), Cathy Weis (“Sundays on Broadway,” Weisacres, NYC), and Bread and Puppet Theater (Glov er, VT). When not touring, she teaches Children’s Creative Dance in the NEK and resides in Charleston, VT.


gorillaGorilla is a performer, storyteller and animal rights activist living in the NEK. Gorilla specializes in lifting heavy objects, organizing stages and anger management. Although happy to be a self-sustaining homesteader,
Gorilla is searching for that special someone (or something).