Brin Schoellkopf

brinBrin lives in Warren Vermont and is 16 years old.  He is a junior at Harwood Union High School. This coming summer will be his 4th season touring with Circus Smirkus. Brin has been doing circus for many years.  He starting as an acrobat taking gymnastics classes since he was very young.  He then attended the Circus Smirkus summer camp for 4 years before being accepted into the Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour in 2011. For the past 4 years, he has been performing in trampoline, acrobatics, juggling, hoop diving and slack line, but tight wire is his area of expertise. Brin’s plans are to audition for the National Circus School in Montreal as well as the Quebec Circus School where he will hopefully be able to pursue his dreams of becoming a circus performer.