A Grassroots Theater Company since 2009

Vermont Vaudeville has worked with over 60 guest acts in 19 different theaters and created 17 brand new productions, reaching many thousands of people throughout Vermont.

SPRING – Rose Friedman, Justin Lander, Brent McCoy, and Maya McCoy get together and put on their first show, The Entertainment Stimulus Package, at the Orleans Municipal Building and at the Hardwick Town House. They reach approximately 200 people in both shows and called it a huge success. Guest artists include: Tristan Nielsen & Camille Legris, Eric Bates, Red Wing Puppet Theater, Ben Matchstick.
FALL – Experimenting with venues, Vermont Vaudeville puts up the Reap What You Sow Harvest Season Vaudeville Show at the Lamb Abbey (now defunct) in Montpelier. They try the Hyde Park Opera House, and return to the Hardwick Town House. The Gorilla joins the core cast. Guest artists include: Daniel Forlano, Melissa Knowles, Al Mireault, Dolly Wagglers.
SPRING – Vermont Vaudeville in 3-D. rolls out at the Hardwick Town House, their new home. Tickets are by donation. Guest acts include: Dan Berkley, Michael Trautman.
FALL – The Truth debuts at the Hardwick Town House for one night only. Geoff Goodhue and Maura Gahan join the core cast. Guest acts include: Mary Go Round, Sophia & Frank Barsalow, Aaron Dewitt, Shane Miclon, Collin Miclon, Mike Miclon.
SPRING – Electricity, Vermont Vaudeville’s 5th production, plays at the Hardwick Town House. Vermont Vaudeville produces Michael Trautman’s show Head in the Clouds. Guest acts include: The Yo-Yo People, The Outsiders, Kelsey Strauch, Rip Keller.
FALL – When it Rains it Pours is Vermont Vaudeville’s first completely sold out show at the Hardwick Town House. After this capacity show, Vermont Vaudeville and the Town House board remove seats in the balcony so that you can see the stage from every seat. Otto Muller joins the core cast as official pianist. Guest acts include: Dave Cox, Ben Matchstick, Dolly Wagglers.
WINTER – Vermont Vaudeville tries its first winter show at the Orleans Municipal Building and decides never to do a pre-holiday show again.
SPRING – After starting the season off with a show at the Montgomery Grange Hall, Vermont Vaudeville decides to set official ticket prices and offers 2 nights of shows at the Hardwick Town HousePerfect Harmony reaches about 450 people. Guest acts include: Rob Mermin, Melissa Knowles, Tom Murphy.
FALL –  In Four More Years the Hardwick Town House audience reelects Vermont Vaudeville.  Guest acts include: Alakazam, Red Wing Puppet Theater, Shanty Town, Lindsay McCaw.
SPRING – In Your Ad Here, Vermont Vaudeville decides to sellout to corporate interests–just for one weekend at the Hardwick Town House. Guest acts include: Eric Bates, Noah Nielsen, Sarah Olmsted Thomas & Alex Vernon, Peter Gould, Wacky Chad.
SUMMER – The Jewish Community of Greater Stowe (JCOGS) produces Vermont Vaudeville’s first summer-time show. The show is a great success.
FALL – Vermont Vaudeville introduces the Saturday matinee to the Hardwick Town House weekend. Hurry Up & Wait sells out both evening shows and earns Vermont Vaudeville it’s first standing ovation at the end of the show. Guest acts include: Waldo & Woodhead, Gregory Corbino, Jason Hicks, Amanda Huotari, Fritz Grobe.
WINTER – Receiving a grant from the Vermont Arts Council, Vermont Vaudeville embarks on an ambitious winter tour, receives a lot of press, and sells out shows around the state. Theaters include: Barton Memorial Building, Haybarn Theater, Flynn Space, New England Youth Theater, Big Picture Theater, Town Hall Theater, Tupelo Music Hall, Bellows Falls Middle School Auditorium, and Old Castle Theater. Guest acts include: Wacky Chad, Melissa Knowles, Yo-Yo People, Stephen Stearns, Tom Murphy, Michael Trautman, Alakazam, Brin Schoellkopf, Cavan & Jan Meese.
SPRING – Red Tape premieres at the Hardwick Town House. 750 people see the show. Guest acts include: Roderick Russell.
FALL – Vermont Vaudeville begins to coordinate with local food trucks to provide more dinner options preshow in Hardwick. What Goes Up rocks the Hardwick Town House. Guest acts include: The Fourth Wall, Magic Brian, Nigel Blackstorm, Palmer Jordan.
SPRING – Vermont Vaudeville (untitled show) sells out two evening shows at the Hardwick Town House and has a good showing in Stowe at Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center. Guest acts include: Olivia Weinstein, Eric Bates, Jonathan Burns.
FALL – Receiving a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation, Vermont Vaudeville is able to offer its first Bus-in School show for students in the northeast. Autopilot brings 1200 people to the Hardwick Town House. The Gorilla is finally revealed. Guest acts include: Hilary Chaplain, Jacob Sharpe, Greg Jukes, Tim Nisbet.
WINTER – Working with Essex Junction Parks & Rec Vermont Vaudeville puts on a show at Essex High School Auditorium for over 300 people. Guest acts include: Thom Wall, Olivia Weinstein.
SPRING – Bumps & Ruts is an uplifting spring-time show at the Hardwick Town House. Guest acts include: Snap Boogie, Hilby the Skinny German Juggle Boy, Heartbeet Chime Choir.
SUMMER –  Vermont Vaudeville partners with Festival of Fools to put on a show at Contois Auditorium in Burlington. Guest acts include: Derek Derek, Galumpha, Snap Boogie.
FALL – Canada, Eh? sells out all three shows at the Hardwick Town House. Guest acts include: David Aiken, Ballet Wolcott , Rusty DeWees.
WINTER – A sold out show and a standing ovation at the Barton Memorial Building. Vermont Vaudeville is part of Rusty DeWees’ Winter Star Series at Stowe Town Hall. Guest acts include: Chloe Walier, Rusty DeWees.